CAHL: Cineplex Air Hockey League


Match Types

Standard Match

-First player to 7 goals wins.

-If time limit is reached, player with most goals wins.

-A puck in play may only be contacted with player's paddle, contact made with anything other than player's paddle results in a foul.

-A puck in play may only be contacted on player's side of the table, or when any part of the puck is touching the centre line, unless the contact is made by a paddle that has been released by the player. Illegal contact results in a foul.
-In the event that a player releases his or her paddle, intentionally or otherwise, the opposing player may only contact that paddle with his or her own paddle.
-A puck that leaves play may only be returned to play by the player whose side the puck comes to rest on. If this is inderminable, a coin flip or rock, paper, scissors will determine possession.

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